serial entrepreneur

Per has done it all! From being homeless to listing his fashion company Odd Molly on the Nasdaq Stock Market Exchange. A jack of all trades!

serial entrepreneur
Jesko von koenigsegg

Jesko von Koenigsegg is a successful serial entrepreneur perhaps best known for his contributions to the company Koenigsegg Automotive.

The Finnish astronaut
Vesa Heilala

Vesa Heilala will write Finnish history as he will be the first Finn to enter Space. When Virgin Galactic announced that space tickets were up for grabs, Vesa sold all his belongings to fulfil his childhood dream of going to Space.

professional snowmobiler
Rasmus Johansson

In 2007 a 13-year-old Rasmus was discovered by a Hollywood film crew in Sweden. Joe Duncan X Games organizer, who choreographed the stunts for the film, told him to call him when he was ready to compete.
In 2016 he took him up on the offer, and the rest is history.

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