Size Guide

Before purchasing your TIDLÖS watch, please ensure your wrist size falls within the suggested maximum and minimum ranges set out below by model and, where applicable, strap type.

In order to determine your wrist size, we suggest you use a flexible tape to measure in centimeters, an existing watch you know fits you well or, using the flexible tape, wrap it around your wrist where you normally wear your watch.  Make sure that the tape fits comfortably around your wrist and so is not too loose or tight.  Once you have the right position and fit, simply read off the tape the number of centimeters showing on the tape.

If you do not have a flexible measuring tape to hand, please print out the below pdf (A4 or letter-sized) and cut out the black measuring tape depicted on the right-hand side and insert a cut along the dotted line.  By wrapping this paper measuring tape around your wrist and inserting the pointed end through the cut made along the dotted line, your size in centimetres will show on the tape when you have pulled the pointed end through to the right position and fit on your wrist.

Watch manuals

While you wait for your watch to arrive, please download and read the watch manuals.

Taking care of your new watch

To maximise the time-keeping accuracy and longevity of your watch, we recommend that you read our section on watch care.