Everything begins with an idea


We’ve had enough of the cheaply produced, poor quality watches that have been spun into ‘luxury’ brands through clever marketing tactics. 

We believe that a good watch will last for generations without breaking the bank. We wanted to create high-quality watches that can be worn and used every day, not only on special occasions. So, we set out to create products that we truly believed in – products that you will be proud to wear daily.

We want to create watches for the hardworking person who gets up early in the morning, curses at fuel prices, and likes to unwind with a cold beer after work.

So, we went to Switzerland, the epicentre of high-quality watch manufacturing. After countless miles and endless meetings, we found two family businesses that could meet our expectations in craftsmanship and quality control.

The vision for manufacturing of the highest quality was achieved, and TIDLÖS was born. TIDLÖS is Swedish for ‘timeless’ and reflects what we have created: watches that withstand the test of time.

We welcome people who are brave enough to be themselves. We love those who aren’t afraid to get a little out of control, to march to the beat of their own drums, and are willing to get their hands dirty when life requires it. We make watches for people who take life with a huge spoonful of No Bullshit.

We are Timeless in design.
We are Timeless in our values.
We are TIDLÖS!

swiss made
the only true reference.

Throughout the world the reputation of Swiss made watches is unrivalled